Therapies at The Healing Sanctuary

Healing in the Sanctuary

If you are intuitive, and most of us are, you have a sense that life is pressing the brake. Your inner knowing tells you that you have something that is either a minor niggle or affects your life substantially.  Your inner knowing says that you will have to face this, whatever this is. It could be a physical pain or an emotional one. You realise that healing is required but do not know how to start.

We at the Healing Sanctuary, provide many therapies that will help you discover the epicentre of your pain and so guide you towards healing the cause. Healing is never a easy path as it brings to the surface those suppressed emotions and feelings that are at that epicentre.

We can guide and suggest but you will be at the centre, the focus. You will be part of the healing process as we act in concert with you to find your harmony within. We may be the conductor but you are the orchestra. Healing is about retuning.

Please look at the therapies we offer and see if anything resonates. If confusion reigns, please do get in touch. We are only too happy to explain.